Womens Bowls

Kahibah Womens Bowling Club prides itself on welcoming new members and visitors

Kahibah Women's Bowling Club was established on 10th May 1960 and will be holding its 60th Birthday Celebrations during 2020. The inaugural meeting was attended by just eight women. Only one foundation member is alive today. 
Since those humbling beginnings it has been the hard work and dedication among these ladies and members that helped build our Club. At one point Ladies even helped to lay the grass onto the green!
Within a short time, the Kahibah Women's Bowling Club became a force to be reckoned with in the game of lawn bowls. Betty Bellis won the inagural Newcastle City Masters. 
Kahibah Women's Bowling Club have been well represented on two District Associations with Irene Murray holding the position of District President and Marie Bradbery, one of our present members, the the current LMDWBA's President.
Since those early days of neck to ankle white dresses, hats, white stockings and shoes, our game has become more relaxed with colourful uniforms including a choice of long trousers, skorts, shorts and mid-length trousers in the Club's colours. 
Our Historians have kept wonderful records of those bygone days which will be on display at our 60th Birthday celebrations in 2020. 
We are always looking for new members to join our friendly and carign Club, so come and join us and share our wonderful history. 
Visit our Facebook page Kahibah Women’s Bowling Club | Facebook or find out more about Newcastle District Women's Bowls Association at www.newcastledistrictwomensbowls.bowls.com.au/ 
Patron - Yvonne Marshall
President - Beryl Long
Vice Presidents - Annette Finnie & Margaret Yarrow
Secretary - Patricia Walsh
Treasurer - Julie Wrightson

Women's Bowls


From 10am

$5.00 Entry + $4.00 Green Fees


Kahibah 2020 Triples 

Winners Maree Waddingham, Barbara McKay & Pat Walsh 

Kahibah Club Triples