Monthly Board Communication

April 2019 Board of Communication - 6th May 2019
Welcome to the April Board report. The Board this month has looked at the proposals put up towards the modernising of the clubs premises and it looks quite exciting. The Clubs board is assessing the costs and breakups being undertaken by our CEO.
December Board of Communication - 19th December 2018
Welcome to the December Board of Communication
November Board of Communication - 30th November 2018
Welcome to the November Board of Communication
October Board of Communication - 7th November 2018
Welcome to the October Board of Communication.
Welcome to the July Board of Communication - 14th August 2018
Welcome to the July Board of Communication,
Welcome to the June Board of Communication - 6th July 2018
Welcome to the June Board of Communication. The Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation and the KSC have started discussions towards forming a long-term community partnership. Part of this included the HBCF endorsing our application to the NSW Government Community Benefit Grant for the purchase of a courtesy bus.
Welcome to May Board of Communication - 4th June 2018
During the month we had invited a special guest to visit the Club, the Federal Member for Shortland, Mr. Pat Conroy. Over a relaxed lunch, subjects around what our club offers and delivers to our community and encompassing sponsorships for junior and non-commercial sports groups including our Newcastle Boccia and school groups were discussed.
Welcome to April Board Communication - 1st April 2018
Welcome to the April Board report. During the month we had the Lion Nathan Representatives inspect our beer supply lines and cleaning methods etc. and gave a resounding approval of our system. A huge congratulations goes to our staff for the continual top quality beer lines and product.
Welcome to March Board Communication - 1st March 2018
Our newest member of staff, Emma, has been very busy updating and refreshing our website and profiles so we can bring to you the latest information about the clubs activities and plans. Please ensure Emma has your email address to receive information directly, and like us on Facebook and please visit the website, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to February Board Communication - 1st February 2018
After a very thorough and exciting process we welcome a new member to the KSC staff, Emma Hazelton. Emma is our new Marketing and Events Coordinator, becoming the face of the club, engaging functions, dealing with our ancient and tired website and promoting the club supporting our community. We are very excited to have Emma on board and we wish her the very best in her new role. Please welcome Emma and say g’day!