Welcome to the June Board of Communication

6th July 2018


Welcome to the June Board report.

The Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation and the KSC have started discussions towards forming a long-term community partnership. Part of this included the HBCF endorsing our application to the NSW Government Community Benefit Grant for the purchase of a courtesy bus. The courtesy bus would allow us to assist the HBCF in delivering their services to patients within our community as well as benefiting our own members, especially after the debacle of privatisation of the bus services and new timetables. Graham, our Sports and Community Coordinator, has worked hard on the grant application and with our CEO recently met with Jodie Harrison MP to discuss our application. This is another great step along the path of the Clubs commitment in Embracing, Supporting and Partnering with our community.

Saturday the 23rd June and the club took great pleasure in welcoming our latest sporting partner, the UON hockey side “The Sea Pigs”, who held a hugely successful Cocktail Party with magnificent feedback from the night. We are impressed with the support and enthusiasm the Seapigs have already brought to our Club and this shows the value in our long-term partnership.

The function room ceiling works, as described in our last communication, will commence construction on the 9th July taking approx. 4 weeks. Our function rooms will be out of action for this time to allow unimpeded construction and to complete the works and return the function rooms as quickly as possible. We are excited to see the effect of the new room décor and ambience as a result of the continuation of the design completed in our restaurant and gaming areas.

The KSC has been quietly working to create an exciting new game “Short Rink” which after quite some time is now a registered trademark under Kahibah Bowling Club Co-Op. The format has received unbelievable endorsement, acceptance and excitement from those involved in early development. Initial trials have shown strong positive results, with further development of game equipment and formats to follow. Our first school pilot program has eagerly been accepted by Whitebridge High School to offer it as part of their school sport program commencing in July. Watch out for further trials and pilot programs on the turf in coming months.

Clubs NSW published a fantastic story in their magazine, Club Life, highlighting the KSC involvement in Rixon Wingrove signing official contracts to play with the Philadelphia Phillies, an American Major League Baseball club. Rixon is a member of another of our supported teams, Charlestown Phoenix Baseball Club, highlighting the KSCs commitment to the local community and sporting groups. When given the chance of selecting where to have the signing ceremony Rixon, and the Phoenix club, insisted it be at the KSC for which we are grateful and again hope we can support such clubs well into the future.

If you have anything you would like the Board to communicate on, please put it in writing and deliver to our CEO prior to each months Board meeting. The Board meets every third or fourth Monday of the month.


Bill Bromfield


Kahibah Sports Club

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