Welcome to March Board Communication

1st March 2018

March 2018

Welcome to the March Board report.

Our newest member of staff, Emma, has been very busy updating and refreshing our website and profiles so we can bring to you the latest information about the clubs activities and plans. Please ensure Emma has your email address to receive information directly, and like us on Facebook and please visit the website, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The Club had a visit from Lake Macquarie Health Inspector and gave the club a very good report even adding positive comments re how clean the Bar, Fridges and areas are, a good feeling to know that we are in such a position and a well done to ALL the staff for their diligence.

On the 25th March our local Federal Member Pat Conroy visited the Club to officially open the Mini Golf Course where he assisted Graham in securing a Federal grant to assist with the building of. He also indicated to us that he would only be too happy to assist with securing grants for other projects in the future as he is quite impressed with our commitment to the community. Given that, Graham will be working hard to secure such assistance for us. A great thanks to Pat Conroy for his involvement and we look forward to improving the amenities for our community.
Unfortunately some poor workmanship has reared its head again with some shoddy work re storm water and poor sealing of areas. (some may have noticed the broken gyprock around the bowls office and ladies room) Repairs are under way, under the guidance of the CEO and his trusty Greenkeeper, to resecure the area, this time for the better.

All members should be aware that the Club has strong working policies in place that are backed by the Clubs Constitution and By-Laws. These include but are not limited to Anti-Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy, WHS policies and procedures for safe work place for staff, members and guests, and zero tolerance for violence or abuse of any kind. The Constitution, By-Laws and working policies and procedures are in place so that we can all feel safe and comfortable in our Club environment whether it be members, visitors or staff.

If you have anything you would like the Board to communicate on, please put it in writing and deliver to our CEO prior to each months Board meeting. The Board meets every third or fourth Monday of the month.

Bill Bromfield
Kahibah Sports Club

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