Two-Up permitted ANZAC Day

20th April 2021

Draft NSW Health Guidance for Two–Up on ANZAC Day at Licensed Premises

  • The requirements in the COVID (Movement and Gathering) Orders (at the time) must be met.
  • COVID Safety Plan for the premises must address how two-up activity will be managed safely, including;
  • Should be undertaken in an outside area (for example in the car park, or area with two or more sides open to the weather)*
  • Ensure enough space to allow 2m2 per participant
  • Provide hand sanitiser at each entry/exit locations to two-up area
  • Game organiser must ensure that the new spinner sanitises their hands before receiving the coins and kip board
  • Encourage participants to bet with patrons in their adjacent area
  • Discourage participants from passing through the crowd to make/take bets
  • Regular public announcement reminding patrons to sanitise hands upon leaving game, including if going to bathroom or bar
  • Assign a COVID Marshal to ensure COVID safety outcomes are being met

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