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Toy and Ham Raffle
Nov 3

Toy and Ham Raffle

Date & Time
3 November 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Join us for our annual Toy and Ham Raffle! Tickets on sale from 11:30am and first draw at 12:30pm

Thursday 31st Oct 2019
Free Halloween Disco
It’s Halloween time, we’re having a bash, wear Your BEST costume to our FUN monster mash! You're in for a night of tricking and treating with prizes for best dressed and giveaway's on the night! Book a spot now if you dare... on 4943 2987 ...
Sunday 3rd Nov 2019
Luke Bellows on the Deck
Come in and enjoy Luke Bellows - a one-man- band folk/soul singer playing a mix of covers and originals on voice, guitar, and bass drum. Luke has released 3 albums, and played 3 national tours completely independent with acclaimed artists such as "Ziggy Albert's", and "Tones and I"! ...