October 2019 Board of Communication

By Alex Admin
Category: Board Report

Chairman - Peter Conlon

Great news “Work begins Monday”

The board has approved the start of the new Work For The Dole Program at the Club on Monday.

Please treat these boys with respect and care as they are working for our clubs benefit.

Our Supervisor is Dave who will have his crew of 10 workers in toe and they will be working on the new ROOFTOP cocktail area.

The first task will be to erect scaffold for safe dismantle of the wall closest to greens. This area will be off limits to members until further notice during construction. (Ask your CEO)

The area will be designed after a famous Eclectic area in LA City of Angels (See photo’s)

UBER has arrived

The board has also approved a partnership with UBER so our members can have the luxury and the convenience of staying at the club a little longer if they are enjoying themselves.

By using the UBER business system you can simply call UBER when you are ready for home at a time of the member’s choice and not be concerned about a DRINK DRIVING charge. The club will be subsidising members on the UBER charge if you are attending the Cub. (Watch out for details from Emma in Marketing). Or ask our CEO for further details.

Carols on the Green

Carols on the green in December is receiving some great response from the locals and we can look forward to a great night of spiritual gathering with our Kahibah community. Look out for the Marketing and details and join us.

Board Members

Peter Conlon (Chairman) Author

Jennie Barrie (Vice Chair)

Leanne Gardner (New Member)

Sarah Smith New member (SARJO Conveyancing and Sponsor)

Todd McEwan

Rob Szekelyhidy

Billy Bromfield

I believe this is a very progressive board that has 100% the interests of the club at heart, looking forward to some wonderful initiatives moving forward.

The board will be endeavoring to communicate and participate with our members on a regular basis to create a great environment for our membership.

 Our motto for the year will be

  1.    PEOPLE + 2.    PROCESS   =   3. PROFIT

Look after the people and the profit will follow.