May 2019 Board of Communication

By Alex Admin
Category: Board Report

Welcome to the May Board report.

On the 14th and 15th of this month KSC hosted the NSW State Senior Interzones Sides Championship. Our members and many visitors enjoyed great display of Lawn Bowls as well as some great weather. The Club received great accolades from the competing players and their management teams and supporters in terms of our wonderful facilities, our magnificent greens and how well they played and the well-oiled organisation of the tournament. Special mention was made of our Green Keeper “Hutcho” and his trusty apprentice “Lochy” on the condition of the greens. Special mention was also highlighted of our Ladies and especially the friendly attention and assistance they had towards bowlers and their team supporters. We thank all volunteers (from all bowls sub clubs) who gave their time freely to assist in the smooth organisation of this event event. The Board would especially like to thank John Smith and those from the KMBC for running the event along with KSC Staff who all pitched in to make the event special for the teams involved.

The Board will also be sending correspondence to all Bowls Sub Clubs in hope of advancing the organisation of a Bowls advisory council to assist with formulating a combined plan and direction of encouraging growth in membership and participation in the game of bowls and utilising the greens to greater potential.

Woods &Co have made the decision to not extend its catering agreement past the initial 12 months. We would like to thank the team and staff from Woods & Co for their time with us. Emma has recently organised a survey, both online and paper, to reassess the members’ preferences for catering options and styles at the Club. We have had a great response and this has given the board and management a deeper insight to the type of caterer that the majority of the members who replied to the survey would prefer. Our CEO advertised as early after notice as possible, and this has led to some very talented interested parties who have club experience.

A Truly positive sign for the future of the club is that membership is on the rise and is in a far better position to continue to grow. We look forward to getting the club into a far more solid state and advancement.

All members should be aware that the Club has strong working policies in place that are backed by the Clubs Constitution and By-Laws. These include but are not limited to Anti-Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy, WHS policies and procedures for safe work place for staff, members and guests, and zero tolerance for violence or abuse of any kind. The Constitution, By-Laws and working policies and procedures are in place so that we can all feel safe and comfortable in our Club environment whether it be members, visitors or staff.

If you have anything you would like the Board to communicate on, please put it in writing and deliver to our CEO prior to each months Board meeting. The Board is not the conduit for day to day running of the club but to provide guidance as to clubs direction and financial responsibilities.

The Board meets every third or fourth Monday of the month.


Bill Bromfield


Kahibah Sports Club